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  • What is the metering calibration and how to perform it?
    Metering calibration allows to match level readouts from the Bettermaker unit with values in your DAW and/or audio interface. It does not affect audio levels within the unit (for example it doesn't make Mastering Limiter output level higher), it only affects level meter values. The calibration process is quite easy, simply connect the unit directly to your AD/DA converter and play sine tone from your DAW. Observe input and output levels in your DAW (or audio interface). Open calibration screen in your Bettermaker unit and follow on screen instructions to match the readouts with DAW.
  • My unit has stopped working or developed an issue. Can i fix it myself?
    Please contact your local distributor or dealer for assistance. Beside mains fuse replacement and firmware update, there are no user serviceable parts.
  • After firmware update my unit doesn't power up anymore or powers up with boot screen. What should i do?
    Please download correct firmware files again from our website and try the update procedure again. It is not possible to damage the unit (even with wrong firmware) during the update process, however the unit will not boot correctly if the update procedure has been interrupted (USB cable removed, power loss etc)
  • Can I use different (third party) power supply?
    Yes, but please confirm it with our tech support first. Power supply provided with the unit has been tested not only for correct voltage and current, but also noise and other performance factors. Using third party power supply might affect Bettermaker unit performance.
  • What is ground lift for?
    In normal operation mode audio signal ground is connected with chassis and mains earth. In some cases it might cause ground loops between various equipment in your studio enviroment, resulting in audible 50/60Hz hum in audio paths. Ground Lift switch disconnects audio signal ground from mains earth and breaks the loop - it can reduce hum noticeably.
  • Can I use unbalanced cables?
    Yes, but noise performance will be affected, especially when long cables are used. Depending on the gear used, you might also experience 6dB level drop (it's a result of balanced-to-unbalanced conversion).
  • Can I use USB switch/hub between Bettermaker product and PC/MAC workstation?
    Yes, it should work flawlessly but we strongly advise a powered hub.
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