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Bettermaker EQ232D


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The Bettermaker EQ232D is a faithful plugin recreation of one of the most respected analog mastering EQs of the new millennium, developed by the Bettermaker team! The original hardware Bettermaker EQ232P MKII on which it is based is renowned for delivering the lush, supple bottom and clear, smooth top end of the legendary Pultec EQs—but with a clean and modern twist that’s perfect for contemporary styles of Hip Hop, EDM, Pop, or even Metalcore. 

This precisely modeled plugin version of Bettermaker’s instant classic mastering-grade EQ is no different. Like the analog original, it offers the incredible low and high-end shaping capabilities of the best passive EQ designs ever devised, along with the precision, detail, and features of a high-end 21st-century design.

At the heart of the Bettermaker EQ is the “P EQ” section, which recreates the classic curves and creative workflow of the iconic Pultec EQs, but with tremendous clean headroom, and without the extra grit or distortion of a vintage tube piece.

This blend of the best characteristics of old school and modern hardware EQs won the Bettermaker EQ232 fast fans with major producers and engineers like Mike Dean, Dave Pensado, Jaycen Joshua, Matt Schaeffer, Jimmy Douglass, Greg Wells, and Luca Pretolesi.

The EQ232 adds some additional features not found in the original Pultecs, like two wide-ranging semi-parametric bell filters, a flexible high pass filter, advanced mid-side processing, presets, A/B comparison options, and more.

Discover for yourself why the Bettermaker EQ is a contemporary classic, loved by some of the best engineers in the businesses for their big clean bottom, clear and soaring top end, and flexible, intuitive workflow.

Main features

- 5 EQ filters on each channel,  including 2 classic Pultec sections, 2 highpass filters, and 4 parametric filters with wide frequency ranges.

- Passive “P EQ” section comprised of shelving filters based on legendary Pultec EQ filters, including separate boost and attenuation knobs.

- 24dB/Oct highpass filter

- 2 Parametric filters per channel cover frequencies from 15Hz to 15kHz.

- Lots of presets to kick start your workflow, including 4 exclusive mastering and mix buss presets made by Luca Pretolesi of Studio DMI

- Stereo, Dual Mono, M/S modes

- Painstaking modeled on one of the most trusted EQ brands in the world of professional mastering with an amazing feature set, outstanding sound, and an intuitive interface.


"The hardware has been my goto analog EQ for years. It's clean, tight solid-state pultec is my first choice for reinforcing a light bass when mastering. And the new plugin version does not let you down in the same role. Love it, just added unlimited Bettermakers to my chain!" - Klaus Hill

"Doesn’t matter if I’m doing an all-electronic score or a purely orchestral one, Bettermaker EQ232D is always there in my session. It’s my go-to EQ on most of my stem busses. Love what it brings out of strings, vocals, pads and percussion.

Once you try Bettermaker you will not go back." -

P.T. Adamczyk - Cyberpunk 2077, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, in-house composer at CD Projekt RED


"The Bettermaker certainly lives up to its name, it's a wonderful sounding EQ that's simple enough to get results quickly, but with enough features to address any problem areas in your audio. The P EQ section allows for great tone-shaping, while EQ 1/2 and the HPF let you address the fine details. A great addition to anyone's EQ arsenal." -

Paul "Willie Green" Womack / The Roots, Wiz Khalifa, ScHoolboy Q

"I can use my Bettermaker on a plane, I can use it on a train, I will use it on a bus, I will use it everywhere man oh man. " -

Jimmy Douglass / Aaliyah, Missy Elliott, Ginuwine, Jay-Z.


"The Bettermaker EQ232D is the Pultec of the 21st Century." -

Matt Schaeffer / Kendrick Lamar, Bakar, A$AP Rocky

"Not all EQs are created equal, some are just made better! The Bettermaker EQ232D is likely to be one of the most gratifying and effective tools you can add to your master bus" -

Lucas (Luke) Pimentel / Multi-Gold & Platinum Mastering Engineer


Technical specification:

Supported Plugin Formats: AAX Native, AU, VST2, VST3


Supported Operating Systems: macOS 10.9 through 10.15, Windows 7 through 10

Mac: Intel CPU only (minimum 2 GHz recommended)

PC: x64-compatible CPU

System Requirements:
Display resolution: 1440 × 900px or 1280 × 960px or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM

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