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Auratone A2-30


Since the 1970s, Auratone 5C Super Sound Cubes have been valued by engineers, producers, and artists for the real-world reference they provide. Now Bettermaker makes for Auratone a dedicated amplifier to power them optimally. Purpose-built for the legendary TEC Award–winning Auratone Super Sound Cube reference monitors, the Auratone A2-30 amplifier powers two 8-ohm loudspeakers with 30 watts per channel.

Like the Super Sound Cubes, the A2-30 is a serious professional studio tool that’s lean and mean, with nothing but a power switch, status LED, and pro connectivity. The amp even has the same footprint as the Sound Cubes, so it looks great sitting on your desk or meter bridge. For decades, Auratones have been the gold standard for brutal honesty in monitoring, making it glaringly obvious when aspects of your mix aren’t sitting right.

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